Thursday, March 9, 2017

Creating the Perfect Web Design for Your Business while Avoiding Common Mistakes

There are so many ways to make your website stand out for your Oklahoma City business, but often businesses are so focused on attracting prospects that they brush over possible mistakes that may make them draw negative attention. Web design is so crucial to gaining and losing business these days. Note a few of these common mistakes to avoid as they may seem minor details, but they go a long way.

Opening Links in New Windows

When you post a link on your website, it may seem like the user-friendly option to open that link in a new window. Entrepreneur points out that this mechanism can cause computer software to glitch or slow down, leaving your consumer frustrated and unwilling to give your website—and thus, your product—a chance. If your user wishes to open a link in a new tab, don't presume; leave that choice up to them. Read more from this article:

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